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Hi, my mechanic, Dave Alquist of Quality Cycle in Mesa, AZ and I are trying to fit an Avonaire fairing over a /2. The Avonaire has the "shelf". The problem is that the shelf covers up the access to the key.

Anybody know what the normal solution to this problem is?

TIA, Brian.

BTW, looked for a forum search, couldn't find it. Hope this isn't redundant.

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Be a good place to start...

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As an aside, the forum search

As an aside, the forum search is the same as the search for the entire site, and is located in the upper left, at the top of the sidebar. Although it searches the entire site, the results indicate where in the site each item came from. You can also click on the search button and then you'll be able to open the Advanced Search, which does limit searching to just the part of the website (including which forum area) you want to focus on.


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Hi Brian, let me know if you need some photos of the avon fitted



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