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At the last oil change on my 1959 R50, I found pieces of the main bearing cage in the oil pan. So, at a minimum, I will be replacing the main bearings and cleaning or replacing the slingers. Is an engine stand considered a necessity or just a convenience for doing this work?
I have looked at the Cycle Works engine stand and also considered just getting the Cycle Works engine stand faceplate that they sell separately and adapting it to a small Harbor Freight engine stand.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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An engine stand is a big

An engine stand is a big convenience, but I haven't had the luxury of one so far. You will really want it for removing and replacing the big bolt that holds the flywheel to the crank. It needs 165 lb.ft. of torque.


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Cycle works stand

Hi, I have a Cycle works stand and have bolted it to my bench. It is a great investment , if you are planing to work on your engines for years to come or if it's just a one time event you could always re-sell it. It does allow you to work on the engine from a lot of angles and also is very well made. It makes every aspect of working on the engine/ transmission a lot easier. 5/5 rating !

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