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I am a new member and restoring BMW R2 1934 series III

the Kardan looks like series I, maybe it was replaced over time/may be its original, no idea

does any one have experience with removal of driveshaft (its attached to the pinion) ?

I want to sandblast it and then chrom-palte it-or repaint it (have not decide yet)

but I have no idea how to release it

I think the lager can be pulled out but am not sure how - there must be a solution

any help will be appreciated !


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Most steel in aluminum

Most steel in aluminum fittings on a BMW are released with heat. I'm not familiar with your driveshaft/final drive - so you must inspect this and determine for yourself if it's right - but it looks a lot like the one in my R52. This is released by heating the final drive with a heat gun or a propane torch to about 250°F/125°C, and the driveshaft and bearing will slide out.


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released with heat + two drive system for R2

Thanks for that Darryl,

I will try to find someone who can do this for me soon
you saved my efforts as I planned to use a wooden driver and gently hit it with an hammer...

It does look similar to r52 drive and so far as i see this is a one-position system - i.e. no way to calibrate the corona/pinion - is this right ?

regarding the Axle model - I have notices first series R2 came with this housing, longer driveshaft, this was later changed to the regular r2-4 axle.

attached some pics - two different drive-axle systems for r2

maybe someone have more info about it?


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Where are you located? Vech

Where are you located...oops, now I see Jerusalem. Vech at Benchmark Works in the US did a ground up restoration on an R4, later series I think. If you were to speak to him, he would have some ideas.


Kurt in S.A.
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bonjour it looks similar with


it looks similar with the 2 series but not exactly.
on the 2 series, you unplug bearing by pulling (straight) and hot.
but do not burn the felts.

the pinion is not removable.
it will leave the drive wheel to the other end of the axis, with a press.
but before removing this part, we must take measure of the sinking of the axis (conical) in the tray.
after removing the tray, you can remove the bearing.
note the order of assembly of the various parts on the shaft.

this kardan seems impossible to find.
I bought an used one in Dresden several years ago, the price of gold.
after many years of search.


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Use a heat gun

Years ago when I needed to heat something I used a torch, and ruined lots of seals and stuff like that.....then I found a good heat gun.. they sure have improved over the years... now I use a really inexpensive one...from Harbor Freight that is amazingly hot and controlable .... its easy, quick and really works well especially on this sort of stuff....

Chester Ca.


Joel Rapose
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