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I am about to assemble a 1938 R61 Cardan rear drive.
I need help with this as the cardan has been worked on before and is a bit non standard.
Does any one have a R61 ( or R51 , R71 ) workshop manual .
If someone could scan and send me the section on the cardan drive that would be a big help.
German manual is fine.
If I can get the limits and fits I should manage.
South Africa

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Here you got some drawings of

Here you got some drawings of r71 .
hope thise help:

Bruce Frey
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Workshop Manuals

Hi Bill,

As far as I know, there is not an R51-71 shop manual available.

There are workshop manuals for R 51/2 in German and R 51/3 in English available from Huggett and, I assume, other sources.

If you can wait until next weekend, I can scan the appropriate rear drive pages from those manuals.


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http://www.beemergarage.com/manuals.html <-- PDF parts manuals (and others).

I am in the "collect parts" phase for an R71 restoration, and am planning on doing hi-resolution scans of an original parts book, with an OCR pass. I'll post it up whence complete.


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Thanks guys for your help. I can see from the drawings I am missing a spacer from behind the main roller bearing.
I have machined the OD and ID of the original bearing and can use this with a dial gauge to get the thickness right with this spacer.
Bruce I can wait until you get a chance to scan the manuals . My E mail address is bs29@telkomsa.net. Thanks for the offer.
Cris being 70 years old I have no idea what an OTS pass is but it sounds great and I want it .
I have an R51 and an R51/3 waiting restoration and any information would be great..
Thank again for your help.

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OCR - optical character

OCR - optical character recognition. A scan that converts a page of words into a digital document that can be searched.


Kurt in S.A.
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