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I'm here for advice. My grandfather have BMW R47 1928 according to frame and motor number one of the last ones in series. My grandfather owns a bike since aprox. 1970. We have original papers. Motorcycle is almost all original, there is just few "wrong" parts on handlebars, back light, wrong tires and rims. Also paint is not original anymore but looks it was repainted long time ago. And yes, it starts on first try.

What would be your course of actions in restoring this piece. My grand father in his young years fixed lot of bikes, but he is not expert in antique bikes.

We know a guy who restores bikes like this and he said, he would made just necessary fixes, no paint job. What do you think?

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This is a valuable motorcycle that should have a professional restoration by a knowledge and experienced restorer, probably in Germany but possibly in CZ or PL depending on where you live. You should research values, then sell it as is, and use a portion of the sale price to buy a more suitable, less valuable but more usable motorcycle, assuming you even want an old BMW. The "guy" is almost certainly out of his depth on this? Please don't start taking your R47 apart based on what you'll read on the internet. That's a wonderful motorcycle.

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Beautiful bike!

I would focus on getting the bike into good operational shape: repair the seats, get the right rims for it (but I would use "drop center rims rather than "clincher" rims, I feel like cinchers are too risky to ride with; others have differing opinions), get a horn and all the parts for the rear brake. I would clean it up, and then I would ride it and enjoy it. Things can be painted and nickel plated as you have the time and money.


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