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I recently inherited 2 BMW vintage motorcycles from my great grandfather. One is ranging form 1927-1930 and the other is somewhere between 1937-1939. My Great Grandfather past away back in the 90s so i don't have much knowledge of them. I have attached 2 pictures and I am wondering home much is the average cost to restore a motorcycle back to original.

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John Rand


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Well you certainly...

...well you have certainly won the lottery! The earlier BMW is (I think?) and overhead valve R47, a VERY desirable motorcycle, and the other a R51, also VERY desirable. It has a post war Lugauer racing tank in place, but I can't see any other parts that imply that it was raced. YOU NEED TO DO ALOT OF RESEARCH before deciding to keep, or restore, or sell off these motorcycles. These both very hi end BMW.

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Awesome machines! Congrats!!!

Awesome machines!

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Early BMW's


Now that's eye candy! Looks like both bikes have been around Triumphs or another Brit brand, as they've inherited some English parts - the R51 has a Brit license plate, and the R47? has a Triumph rear fender.

Very cool stuff - I'm in Corona so we're almost neighbors!

I could ride my R51/2 over and check 'em out!

Neat stuff!


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Well we all agree...

...that you have some great old BMW! Does your R51 gearbox have "Spezial" stamped on the LHS of the case? You do have the original Amal-Fischer carburetors in place, but what is the number stamped on the flange? Based on what you find, you'll know if you have a stock R51 or an R51SS. Your bike certainly is not an R51RS, but just now I'd think that "SS" are even more rare than "RS"?...Jeff will have that bike up 'n running in no time at all!... Smile

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