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Hi there,

I purchased a 1975 R60/6 this past spring. I've thoroughly enjoyed the bike, however, it has this annoying issue with the float in the right carburetor bowl. It appears to stick or jam, and doesn't close off the fuel flow, and after I start the bike, it starts leaking fuel from the supply hose feeding the carburetor (saturated with fuel).

Any suggestions for a fix?




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New float and pin.

New float and pin.

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Could be a float that doesn't

Could be a float that doesn't float as mentioned. You should be able to have the float bob in a jar of gasoline with about 1/3 of the float above the fuel level. If not, then it's no good. Probably could also be that the motion up/down of the float is being hampered. Don't have the carbs tilted in/out by a large amount...level with the road is a place to start. Could also be that the needle seat is pitted and the needle valve isn't sealing at all. I've heard of a pencil eraser or wooden dowel with some toothpaste on the end can be spun around on the seat to smooth things out.


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