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I read that a v.w. 6volt coil will work in a 1974 r60/5. Does anyone know if this is good info and if so where is the best place to get them?


Bob Michel

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Not sure if I've seen the

Not sure if I've seen the idea that VW coils can be substituted. I've seen references to Bosch Blue coils...here's something from the IBMWR website:


Snowbum has a discussion coil substitutes about the middle of this page:


Motorrad Elektrik can certainly help you out with your electrical concerns.


Kurt in S.A.
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6 Volt VW Coil

I had ignition troubles on a trip and swapped out the coils on my 74 90/6 with generic 6 Volt VW Coils from auto parts supply stores. I asked for a coil for a 63 Beetle. The stores each only kept one in stock so I ended up with two different brands of coil but they were less than $15 a piece. Both replacements were longer than the stock coil (not a problem ) and one was larger in diameter than the stock coil. ( zip tie install ) The new coils did not solve my problem ( bad condenser ) but they worked fine for two seasons until I put the originals back in.

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