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Took my 92 R100RT out for a ride yesterday. Been in hibernation for a few months now. Had to stop at a couple stop lights on the way out of town before getting on I-5. Bike would idle rough and die if I didnt keep the RPM up. Thought it might be the old winter gas alto I had put some Stabul in the gas. So I thought if I do about 80 MPH for the 35 miles I would ride, I could put in some fresh gas on the way back.
As I was pulling into Medford, Oregon about 5 miles out, I looked down at my bars. To my surprise my choke lever (closed) was not all the way open. These bikes have like a 2 stage choke knob. So when I got to town the darn bike would Idle smoothly and keep running. Long story short.....check your chokes.


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