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About 18 years ago I purchased a 1971 R75/5. It had under 13000 miles and was bone stock. My son was learning to ride and it was really fun for him to learn on, Whenever we went on ride (me on a 1992 R100 GS), he would follow and was becoming a pretty competent rider. One day he got off work early and decided to take a ride on his own. Apparently he went into a curve too hot and went off road doing a lot of damage to the bike and to himself. We have been trying to restore this bike, but both of us burned out on the incomplete project which had stalled out for the past 7 years or so for various reasons.

Now I have become enthused about re-starting the renovation project and would appreciate any tips that the membership could offer, such as helpful web sites, personal experiences, vendor, providers of parts/services etc. Thanks in advance for any help or advice that you can provide. BTW I am not a complete novice on Airheads, as I currently ride a 92 R100GS which I have owned for the past 20+ years.

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Welcome! A couple of

Welcome! A couple of websites that are worth looking at are:

Snowbum - http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/technical-articles-list.htm

Anton Largiader - http://www.largiader.com/

I typically go to my local BMW dealer for parts, but other places to consider are Bob's BMW, Max BMW, Repsycle, BMW Hucky, Beemerboneyard. Even Motobins in Europe is something to consider. EuroMoto Electrics and Motorrad Elektrik are good sources for electrical stuff.

I've heard good things about Engle BMW in Kansas City. Another place that might be a bit far to go is Dave Clark at Forever Endeavor Cycles in Pacific, MO...he's on I-44 southwest of St Louis.


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Hello gstom, sounds

Hello gstom,

sounds interesting, I found a lot of spare parts from a German comany called Hornig.

Maybe you have a look at there website:

They offer a lot of spare parts for old motorcycles, I often buy parts in their online shop, sometimes directly at there store.
But sometimes original parts do not fit anymore because as you know older BMW models are often highly converted.
So it would be best if you ask for parts via email and include the vehicle identification number, then they will look if they can offer you suitable parts.

I'm very satisfied with there service/products.
Normally they ship worldwide.

I hope I couold help you Smile


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PS: maybe you can send some

PS: maybe you can send some pictures of your motorcycle, I also have an R75/5 Smile

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