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I need help. My 1928 R62 that I inherited from my father runs, but poorly. it was restored in the 80's then sat for years. I have lots of notes, maintenance records, etc .... but all written in German. I need to know how to insure the ignition timing is set correctly, that the magneto is working correctly, and also are there any gotchas with the carburetor. Also just basic advice on cranking and the operating of both air/slide lever and spark advance lever. The bike is in really good shape .... Just hard to crank, and runs somewhat poorly. There are no compression or major issues- I am quite sure. THANK YOU in advance for your responses!!! Rick


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The only advise I have is

The only advise I have is invest in a good book. A nice bike your going to keep is worth the $80-100. Also make sure you have fresh gas & the gas tank is clean of rust/scale.



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Here is the handbook in

Here is the handbook in English.

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