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I am having an ongoing issue with fuel leaking from my right-hand Bing carb.
Typically, at starting, I turn on the fuel petcock "on" , both sides, then start the
bike, and I see fuel seeping thru the braded lines (saturated), then leaking onto
the ground. (it appears that the float is not shutting off the fuel supply).

I replaced the float and pin, since this issue was occurring occasionally from last season.
The leaking issue remains.

What should I be checking here? Help!



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Seems to me that your issue

Seems to me that your issue is that the braided fuel line has internal cracks. Over time, it does break down. Try a new run of line...I think Vech at Benchmark Works sells it...possibly Bing does. If I recall, older VW bug places sells the braided fuel line. I think you can substitute 1/4" fuel line, but you'll probably need clamps at either end since the ID of the line doesn't fit the petcock outlets.


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braided fuel line

I've always preferred the look of the black braided fuel line on my BMW's. However it doesn't seem to hold up with the ethanol found in most gas these days. I get about 2 seasons on a fuel line and then it starts leaking through, soaking the fabric. I've located various ethanol safe fuel lines at bike shops.

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