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What kind of oil is recommended for R11 gear box and final drive?

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Traditionally the

Traditionally the transmission and final drive will take the same oil as the engine (10W40/20W50) You can move to a gear oil for the transmission and final drive if you are not comfortable with just engine oil. Silkolene makes a Light Gear Oil that is like 10W40.

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An R12 riders handbook

An R12 riders handbook mentions Gargoyle Mobiloil BB for the gearbox and Gargoyle Mobiloil D for the final drive. Are there equivalents for that oil today?


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I believe SAE 30 was

I believe SAE 30 was specified for winter and SAE 40 for summer use in engine and gearbox. I guess with your location the summer use would be good choice.
You need an oil suitable for these old engines with low detergent, this allows the sludge to fall to the sump as the early engine has no filter and the later one with filter only filters at 25% rate.
I use Morris oils they have an informative web site and ship but don’t know if they go international. Look for the classic and steam section.The site is instructive on the types of oil available. Miller oils also have similar products and I’m sure others will as well maybe more local to you.
I’m using their gearbox oil, non EP, it’s safe to use with bronze bushes these early gearboxes have. Mine is good with SAE 90 gearbox oil, I believe this is a similar viscosity to SAE40 engine oil. I use SAE 140 gearbox oil in the final drive and happy with that.
I don’t know if you have found an answer to your speedo cable length, if not I will be able to measure mine in a few weeks when I can get to the bike, it’s currently in storage until I move house.

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I agree: engine: sae40,

I agree:
engine: sae40,
gearbox and rearwheeldrive sae140 gl4 .

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Thank you Ian I still need

Thank you Ian
I still need the speedo cable length .
well I think I will use gear box oil for the R11.
on my R51 I have positive experience with gear oil 80w90.shifting is much better compare to SAE 40 in the transmission.

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