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Dear all, I took the driving dog out of the cleaning solution and rinsed thoroughly with water.
I was not happy to discover that the bearing surface is pitted.
What are my options for fixing it? A new one is beyond my budget; it’s a very expensive part over at Huggett.
Do I have to fix it in the first place or will new bearing needles be enough?
Is re-chroming it to oversize and then grind it back to size a reasonable solution?

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Will that come apart any more

Will that come apart any more than that. Not sure anyone can or want to do anything to the bearing surface where it is. What happens if you took it to a GOOD machine shop. Maybe they could cut that part out fix the bearing surface and weld back together? Something similar to that was done at the factory?
Thats what happens when we buy old bikes,cars,tractors,etc. We have to spend some extra money we didnt expect. If it didnt cost anything everyone would want to do it.



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