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A buddy and I went on a 5 day 1096 miles ride. To John Day Oregon ( BMW rally) then on to see a brother. As we were on US 395 South a sign appeared in Riley, Or. ( pop. ? not many). Next gas 90 miles. We had only gone 24 miles from last fill up. Well we made it, long dry,sage brush ride. But not without finding the soft shoulder the sign 50 miles back mentioned. I decided I was going to take a picture of the HWY we were on. And the 90 miles. ( see picture)
So I got just off the black top to stop. 92 RT front wheel saw a rut and went down in the nice soft sand. My foot was under the shifter and foot peg. Got it out but still hurts some, same as my pride. Bike was not hurt and we man handled it out of the soft High Desert Sand of North Central Oregon. So long story short. Dont get off the black top unless U are more prepared than I was. Great ride for 2 OLD Retirees.

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Like they say: "Whatever

Like they say: "Whatever happens near Riley, stays near Riley."



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