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As my previous clutch cable snapped, I had to fit a new one on my R50.
Sounds easy, but I've got a problem:
Underneath the gearbox there's a slot for the bullet shaped grommet fitted on the clutch cable, but I haven't got enough space between the slot under the gearbox and the engine to fit the grommet and clutch cable.

So my questons are.

Are there other people with the same problem?
Is there a fix for it?
Is there someone who can upload a photo wit the grommet installed so I can compare it with my bike.

Thanks in advance.

I've attached a photo of the space between the gearbox slot and engine. As you can see there is almost no space between it.

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Dear friend probably your

Dear friend probably your engine block is not from an R50......



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I replaced a cable on my 1966

I replaced a cable on my 1966 R50/2 earlier this summer, I replaced the high bars with the lower European bars and the longer cable was pinching the cable and made it very difficult to pull. I had the same concern. I was trying to eyeball everything before I took the old one off. The space between the frame and the transmission seemed impossibly narrow. Once I got down on the ground with my head close to the front wheel. I could see with the aid of a flash light the path the cable needed to take. It was quite easy to push the cable and sheath through the hole with the slot. And once through, the cable through the slot and then connected the barrel on the transmission lever and then the bullet shaped grommet fell right into place. Lastly, I connected the cable to the lever at the handlebars. It was helpful to take the lever off, and connect the barrel then use a little leverage to connect everything at the handlebars. I've heard on this site that other folks have done it in reverse.
Sorry, I didn't take any pics of the procedure. I was over thinking it. Apart from the previous owner pinching the cable in the clamps that hold the crash bars on, It took all of 20 minutes. My clutch pulls super easy now. Good Luck.
Brian Hoover
1966 R50/2
2004 R1200c

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Some pictures that might help

I'll see if I can get photos here.

As you can see, the cable has to slip between the frame and the block just behind the engine mount.
I find it easier to work from the bottom and finish at the lever like Brian did.

Hope this helps,

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