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Hi Everyone,

I’m glad I found you guys!!

My first post as a member. I’ve owned a 77 R75/7 and a 98 R1100RT.

I’m currently looking at buying either a 73\5 LWB toaster or a 74\6.
I’m favoring the toaster at this time but not sure.
I would be doing an occasional multi day trip, but mostly day trips 350 miles or less and country jaunts.
Both bikes I’m looking at are properly sorted and have Krauser bags and windshields and are all original.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting another Beemer!

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Burnsville, Minnesota
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1976 R90\6 Fairings

Howdy all,

I just picked up a 1976 R90\6 and stoked about getting back into BMW’s!
The bike came with a Windjammer Vetter III, currently not mounted as I’m not thrilled about the looks.
What does anyone recommend on the smaller/lighter side that looks good. How about a nice windshield as a alternative. Where could I source the above?
Thanks members!

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I've toured extensively with

I've toured extensively with /6 vintage bikes. Mostly 2 up, but quite a bit solo. And most with lo bars (S or RS bars) and either an S fairing or no fairing. With proper ear protection I find minimal or no fairing more enjoyable than a Windjammer style fairing. Just my preference.

We've also put over 100K on my 78 RS and really like that for weather protection.



67 R50/2 w/R100 engine/trans and Ural Sidecar
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To each their own....I've put

To each their own....I've put over 125K miles on bikes with either a Windjammer (my Honda 750-4) or my Luftmeister (/7) and would never tour without some kind of full protection.


Kurt in S.A.
'78 R100/7 '69 R69S '52 R25/2

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