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NOW! I found a Harbor Freight 20% off coupon in the July/Aug. Motorcyclist Mag. Its good till 10/09/18 lift # 68892/69904
Cost $299.99, their web site says $399.99.( no tax in Oregon) Hey thats another $100 bucks off. Yes they will take them.
I know I have heard the whiners. I have had mine for 3 yrs now and best $300 for my bikes. So there is a bolt loose, wow I had to go buy a $4 bottle of hydrolic fluid. Oh and my favorite the wheel cholk wont hold my bike up, it was never made to. Its made to hold the wheel still. I drilled some extra holes in the platform to put tiedowns where I wanted them.
In the winter time I store one of my bikes on top then put a few things around it that I may need threw out the winter. It also make a great table top. You cant make one for $300 and the cylinder alone would cost $150.


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Anytime is a good time to buy a lift. I actually have two. One in my garage shop and one in the basement work area. I've never really liked laying on the floor to work on a bike. Several guys I know have the Harbor Freight lift and are very pleased with them. The price sounds very reasonable to me. The Harbor Freight lift is very adequate for any home shop.

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That Price

That price is as good as I've seen and what I bought mine for 7-8 years ago. It's not robust enough for everyday commercial shop use, but plenty good enough for the hobbyist.




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