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Here is a genuine rarity. Think it will bring $3500? If you're patient and lucky, you can get an entire /2 for that!



Jon Miller
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Yeah, but NOS? Cool, but way

Yeah, but NOS? Cool, but way out of my league!


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Geessus pete guys...

...USA front end tank, repainted and crossover tube and filler neck masking not even removed yet, modern serif font reproduction badges (not correct to the tank, and don't fit properly anyway!), reproduction kneepads that are subtly different from original, all modern production small parts still in plastic bags, modern type hang tag...we are asked to believe that BMW factory sold a tank before removing the masking tape?...I guess these folks will soon be listing the Brooklyn bridge?

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Large tank

Ill sell mine for 3000.00


Tommy Byrnes
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It’s a BMW mobile tradition

It’s a BMW mobile tradition tank from the early 2000s. Bar code and box should be a dead give away. Worth no more or no less than a regular period sport tank. Nice tank, but not $3500 nice.

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