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My rebuilt head from Bob's arrived yesterday. It looks pretty. Along with fixing my spark plug insert ,they did what they called a "refurbish"--which involves new springs, guides, and valves, and seats that are supposed to be compatible with no-lead gas...and bead bead blasted every thing so its nice and clean.

I'm planning on installing it this week. Am I right in assuming that the new head gasket doesn't need any gasket cement?

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Correct...no sealant. Be

Correct...no sealant. Be sure the gaskets get on the right way. If put on wrong, they will occlude the opening for the pushrod tubes and the tubes will rub on the gasket and that can't be good. I forget the "trick" to remember how they go...maybe you're supposed to be able to read the writing on the gasket for proper orientation? I just read some notes and that appears to be the "trick".


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