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I'm in the process of reinstalling my rebuilt head and I purchased a "Icon" torque wrench at Harbor Freight. It certainly wasn't the most expensive but it wasn't the cheapest either...$80.00+.

I've never used a torque wrench that has the "audible click", so I wanted to hear what it sounds like, so when I'm torquing my head bolts I can be prepared. The wrench goes from 20-100 FT LBS. So I looked for a bolt that I could guarantee would start clicking at 20 LBS. I took it to the wheel lugs on my Toyota truck. I really put my back into it...and no click. I was baring down pretty hard.
I'm wondering what 20-25 LBS should feel like? I'm not the strongest dude on the block, but I'm not a complete light weight either. I don't want to strip the bolts on this bike.

Did I get a lemon of a wrench? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Go back to your wheels and

Go back to your wheels and set the wrench at 80 pounds.
SLOWLY start applying torque. You will feel and hear the click.
Now back it off 10 pounds and repeat the exercise.
Repeat the exercise.
ad nasuem.

When you get to 20 lbs, you will find that the click is very subtle.


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I'd also verify (within

I'd also verify (within reason) the accuracy especially down at the low end of the scale. Torque wrenches are not accurate at the extremes of their range.

I have a Sears beam wrench. I first determined the density water and computed how much water equals 25 ft-lbs...poured it into a pail...I'll discounted the light weight of the pail. Find a way to rig up the wrench to capture the business end of the wrench. Then I hung the pail at the middle of the handle...on my wrench, the middle is pinned so it rotates around, forcing me to keep it at center. I then compared the dial reading. I was reasonably happy even though that's also on the low end of the scale.

In the case of the clicker, it's going to be tougher because you're not actually looking at a dial but rather waiting for that click. I'm not that experienced with the clickers; in the few times that I've used it, I was never confident about when it clicked. The beam wrench theoretically never goes out of calibration.


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Thanks for all the advice

Thanks for all the advice gentlemen, but I returned the Harbor Freight click wrench and bought a Craftsman bend-type for half the price!

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I suspect if you try and get

I suspect if you try and get a click torque wrench which does everything - it makes it hard.

Here are my three click wrenches which go from about 6 ft/lbs up to 250 ft/lbs.

The big one I use for the rear crankshaft bolt.



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