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Around the world on September 30th the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride will take place. The event brings motorcycle enthusiasts together to support men's health, specifically prostate cancer, and suicide prevention. There is likely an event in your town or nearby. Participation is free, donating is encouraged but optional. The event is tailor-made for owners of vintage and antique bikes. Check out the website below for more details and to locate the ride nearest to you. This will be my second year participating in the Orange County California ride. Come on out and ride!

For details click on the link below:


If you want to donate directly under my name you can click on this next link:


Thank you for your support.


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San Arthur
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Another Gent in San Antonio?

I´m attending on my R90S or the Gold Star if ready by next week.

Any other San Antonio gents participating?

Please go to HERE to donate.

Is for a good cause!

San Arthur


San Arthur in San Antonio, Texas
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