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Does anyone run a sidecar transmission on an R50/2? What are your thoughts on this? If you are carrying a lightweight sidecar like an LS, is it an improvement over the stock transmission? A necessity?

1967 R502
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Hmmm. Well, has anyone run a

Hmmm. Well, has anyone run a sidecar transmission in any bike? Your opinion? is it necessary?

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From an old riders manual,

From an old riders manual, gear ratios are:

Solo - 4.171 -- 2.275 -- 1.938 -- 1.54
S/C - 5.330 -- 3.020 -- 2.040 -- 1.54

So, the lower gears are higher for the sidecar obviously to help will pulling the extra weight of the car. What's the weight of a sidecar? More than the weight of a passenger? If a solo bike gears are good enough to a full load, could it also carry the sidecar but without a passenger?

Seems like you'd be working the transmission and clutch pretty hard to get a fully loaded /2 running with a sidecar also.


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Sidecar Transmission

I have never run a sidecar transmission in any of my BMWs, be they an R50 or an R60, never felt the need. I used a 26/6 rear drive in most of my R50s but still had to run along side the outfit going across the back roads of the Sierras (25% grades). Running a Steib cabin sidecar with 6 year old daughter and a crap-load of stuff.

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Sidecar Tranmission

A friend of mine bought one for his r60 rig
With the side car rear end and sidecar transmission he didnt like it because he felt is was now geared too low
He removed the tranny and now runs with the sidecar rear end gears

He bought it from a person that lived in San Francisco
Maybe with the steep hills it worked ok



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Hard question, but...

...I have an early R50 with sidecar tranny (no "S" mark) that was the stock early R50 solo tranny: I can't tell the difference from a late R50/2 with solo tranny!
Also, I have an R69S-Special with THE FACTORY CORRECT SOLO GEARBOX for that model, with a 26:6 ratio final drive: it's horrible to drive because you really have to beat the motor to go fast enough. I'd love to get a USA ratio final drive or a 27:7 from an R60...but can't find either!
My suggestion: use an R60, use the solo tranny, and a 27:7 ratio final, keep the R69S for solo use as designed, stay away from Specials-TR500 unless you like conversation...

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