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I own a R60/5 Toaster. I was attempting to remove the nut holding the advance weights and broke the nut & shaft level with top of advance unit. Now what? It appears the shaft that sheared is part of the cam shaft? What are the options? It appears the cam must be removed and replaced or machined to accept a bolt to contain advance unit? Anybody been here and, if so, help........

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A machinist might be able to

A machinist might be able to drill and tap the end of the camshaft but it's a tricky thing. Your best bet is to convert to a Boyer ignition system...it doesn't use the mechanical advance unit like the original or like the Dyna III...it uses a computer advance curve. I suspect one of the newer ignition systems (Alpha, Omega, ??) that triggers off of the crankshaft could also be used.

Bottom of the page is stuff on aftermarket systems:


The Alpha is on this page:


More here:



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