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Can someone identify this type of crash bars? Would they still be available?
Thanks in advance.

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They were double loop bars

They were double loop bars offered by Flanders:


About the only way you'll find them is ebay, craigslist, etc.


Kurt in S.A.
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Thanks Kurt. I figured you'd

Thanks Kurt. I figured you'd have the answer. It's a long term want so I'll start looking.
Thanks again.

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I've got that style on my

I've got that style on my bike.
I think that it will protect the valve covers more than the other style in case you drop/lean the bike.
However, you have to remove them when doing valve adjustments.
Found them on Ebay.

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I have a set

I have a set Off my R69s that I would consider selling. PM me if your interested.


James W.
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They were $29 new from

They were $29 new from Flanders. Now that they are used, I’ll give you $15!


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Crash Bars

They have very limited ability to protect your bike and also take away from the beautiful design of this period
I would not pay even 15 dollars



Tommy Byrnes
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Wouldnt the horn hit the ground first?

I think just a second horn for the other side and you wouldnt need crash bars at all.

This is said in a humourous tone of voice.... please don't take offence.



mal - R69s
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Jambo. PM sent

Jambo. PM sent

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These are available from

These are available from established retailers. Vech's Bench Mark Works has them for $347, plus shipping, whatever that would cost from Mississippi. Uli's Motoradladen in Frankfurt has them for 148.7 euros (about $168), plus 44.5 euros for shipping to the US (about $50). No personal interest in either shop, but I've been a satisfied customer of both.


Lincoln--Ann Arbor & Taos
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Thanks for the tip Lincoln.

Thanks for the tip Lincoln. I’ll Look into it.

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