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Hello all,

I'm ready to reinstall my Dellortos after a complete rebuild and thinking about how much effort was required to get them off the intake tubes and that there has to be a way to get them to slip on a little easier. My thought is to warm up the carb body some with a heat gun. Any input would be appreciated. The other issue is setting up the pumps. I know the suggested output is .5cc per stroke. I've read that you should measure 5cc per twenty strokes which doesn't make any sense to me. Wouldn't it be 10 strokes? 10X0.5=5cc) for ten strokes? Please enlighten me. Warren


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The fit on the intake manifolds is rather tight. Once place onto the end of the manifolds, try tapping them forward very softly with a soft rubber mallet. It's worked for me for many years.

As far as the pump adjusment, the measurement is 5.5ml to 6.0ml per 20 strokes.
Pyrex makes a nice glass tube (10cc volume) that works well for this.

PM me if you need further help.

Rick Griffith



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