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I bumped into a reproduction R71 with side car. It was made in 1959 by a Chinese company Chiang Liang or something like that. It is in the form of a German military machine complete with a rear seat. It is in very good condition and the owner offered it to me for $5k

I know nothing about these things. In terms of condition it is all original and has been kept in a warehouse with about 500 other vintage bikes for the past 30 years or so. The owner used it to take his grandkids for rides. I would rate the condition as "very good". I could se no visible blemishes in any of the paint surfaces and the seller told me it would start first kick. We couldn't do that today as it is so hemmed in by other bikes. Other very nice bikes.... If you like Indians and Harleys from pre-war on up. Some British and italian, too. He told he had an R37, which tested my heart function but then realized he was mistaken. The upholstery looks excellent, tires look new. Nice cover on the side car and the spare tire on the back looks new. Even has BMW roundels on the tank. Really wish it was a BMW.

Is this worth looking at?


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If you have the garage space

If you have the garage space and the spare cash? I wonder about the parts supply chain. There are Chang Jiang organizations out there that can help out.



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DO NOT BUY IT! My uncle

My uncle bought one that was supposedly a 1962.
These CJ's are hard to get the year correct.
The spare parts are very cheap/flimsy.
You will find a hard time getting the correct parts when ordering due to the incorrect year.
The craftsmanship is horrible.
Good luck getting a repair manual that you'll understand.

He bought his for $1600 without side car fwiw.
Sold it for a loss after buying lots of spare parts that didn't fit.

All this and you'll never be able to sell it to a serious collector.

You've been warned.

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