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Grant R26
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My solo saddle is currently set in the center of the three bolt holes where it is bolted to the rubber spring assembly.

I understand that adjusting it one hole in one direction will make the saddle stiffer and in the other it will be softer. The manual does not specify which direction will make the the suspension stiffer or softer.

I've stared at the setup and believe that shifting to the forward mounting hole which will shifts the saddle position about 1/2" backwards towards the rear of the bike will increase the leverage...ie make the ride slightly softer.

am I correct in this or do i have this backwards ?

Thanks for the help

Grant in Toronto

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Shifting to the forward hole

Shifting to the forward hole will decrease the arm of the saddle frame from the pivot point to the mounting hole. This effectively increases the lever arm from where your backside is to the mounting hole; this puts more force on the silent block which should allow the block to compress more and might be "softer". I don't know if the result will be that the saddle frame will now have a back-to-front tilt. Hopefully the small shift in lever arms doesn't change the angle.


Kurt in S.A.
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Im glad this just came up. My /2 seat is almost too bouncy. I will let you know what happens.

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More Cushy

Put a sheepskin cover on it!

Grant R26
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The Denfeld saddle with the

The Denfeld saddle with the big chrome spring on my R27 and R26 is noticeably more comfortable and gives way when I hit a rough spot in a more linear way than the rubber bumper on the R60
My guess is that BMW figured a way to save the cost of the spring assembly and if I could figure a way to convert to the R27 system I would. For me it can never be too bouncy.

I do a lot of back roads in Canada and when I hit a frost ridge at speed I need all the give I can get from that saddle.

I'm 165 lb and find my new R60/2 saddle to be a little unforgiving...still luxury compared to my the plunger suspension on my R51 and Norton ES2 (grin)

thanks for the input

Grant MacNeill

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