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I have a R60/2 and being in the Northeast it has to be placed in winter storage (50+ degrees F in a dry cellar) for 4 months or so. I was wondering if it is useful to turn the engine over periodically to move the engine oil to coat the cylinder walls and change the tensions on the various valve springs. Not keeping a constant load on the individual valve springs for 4 moths seems like a good idea.

I have also seen comments that you might place the engine a TDC to keep the valves closed which can block out some moisture and in turn relaxes the valve springs. However, would not the exhaust valve spring on the exhaust side would still be open and under tension? Thus, 3 relaxed springs and one under tension?

Would rotating the engine to TDC the opposite cylinder side every 2 or 3 weeks to relax the exhaust valve springs or just turning the end over be best solution with not paying attention to TDC?

Any comments or your experience is appreciated!


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I don't think you're going to

I don't think you're going to bring any oil into play by rotating the engine...you'd have to spin it pretty fast. I've only heard about leaving the pistons at TDC but not worrying about rotating which side is on compression. If you're concerned about spring tension, drop the valve covers and vastly increase the gaps. You'll get pretty good at setting the valve gap overtime!


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Bob, only thing I do is


only thing I do is draining the carbs and disconnecting the battery (guess even the latter is not necessary for magneto ignitions). Rest ... leave it alone. In the end, 4 months is not a long time and it won't impact the springs.
Worst thing for the engine is starting it every now and then and listen to the engine music!!

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Drain the carbs (which is

Drain the carbs (which is actually quite hard to get them dry) and or run it dry, then leave it on top dead centre. There is certainly no issue with turning it over now and again, as long as you are not sucking fuel in. I personally don’t do anything to my /2, but i store a lot of engines for multiple months.

A bit of sea foam or fuel stabilizer is a fine idea as well.


PS I have a little tiny 6 vdc solar panel as a battery tender. Letting a battery sit partially charged will kill it, and it will self discharge.

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