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The attached picture of a R67/3 equipped for the German ADAC with a sidecar has two anomalies that correspond with my R67/3. The first is the later style throttle control on the handlebars used on the Earles fork models. One of the 1954 brochures depict a R68 with this same configuration.

The second anomaly is the rear hub, which is a 1954 full-hub type as opposed to the scalloped hubs unique to the 1955 R67/3 models. All other pictures I have seen of R67/3 models have the scalloped hubs on both front and rear wheels. The Barrington Workshop Manual states the scalloped hubs were introduced with further reinforcing post 2/1955. The first R67/3 was produced 2 March 1955, so technically all /3 models should be equipped with this style of hub.

I would like to hear from other owners of /3 models as to the configuration of their bikes. Unfortunately I do not know the full history of my bike and whether these components were changed by a previous owner, or whether the factory used whatever was in their parts bin, utilizing old stock. I was intrigued to see this ADAC model similar to mine.

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Could BMW have made the

Could BMW have made the changes at the request of ADAC? I could see how they would like all three wheels to be identical on their rigs.



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The picture is not good

The picture is not good enough to make a comment about the handlebar controls.

With regards to the hubs ... I think I see that the bike on the picture has 2 different hubs. The one in the rear was introduced in June 54 for the last R51/3 to R68. The one in the front was introduced in 1955 for the R67/3.

There is an excellent book with lots of pictures and descriptions about plunger style Beemers on the market ... unfortunately in German. ISBN 978-3-9816013-5-0


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I have owned an R67/3 for about 40 years and yes they have a few variations from the usual plunger frame BMW. They were introduced in 1955 as a sidecar motorcycle because no R60 was available. My /3 has both wheels with the little scallops in the full width drums. The controls are from the R50, R69 motorcycles as is the head light bucket ( indentation on bottom). Hand shift lever is the curved type. Chrome grab handle behind the rear fender rack for sidecar work. License plate bracket is the same as earlier plungers flat. Tail light is the small round one with acorn nuts. The R67/3 was a very low production bike as the R60 came out a couple of years later and production was stopped. I have heard production figures as low as 900 and as high as 1900. This is my favorite motorcycle, I love it. Comet

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