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1956 BMW R50

$8500 or BEST OFFER

Photos, specs, details and contact info at http://www.greatanswers.com/R50/

Appx. 33K, very fine to excellent unrestored external condition, internal restorations on engine, carbs, clutch, brakes, shocks, etc. Everything to get it in tip-top shape machanically, but nothing done externally so that it can still technically be "unrestored". Award winning bike. All original, with misc. extras.

This bike is kind of a family heirloom (my brother bought it from the original owner in the late 1980s, and I acquired it in 1996). I would not be selling it, but my youngest son wants to spend an academic year in $$Germany$$ and I can't say no.

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R50 for sale

my questions if I was in the market for this bike

would be what is the FRAME and MOTOR numbers ?

where is the bike located - both might help the sale,

(didn't see that anywhere in all of your link text)

and reduce wasted questions. Good looking machine.


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I can't say about the bike, but Herb lives in Illinois...


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