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Welcome to the BMW R90S Forum!

In order to better serve both the VBMWMO's members and those interested in the legendary BMW R90S motorcycle, we have agreed to merge with Andrew Macpherson's www.r90s.com website. The content that was on r90s.com has now been added here.

Andrew is a member of the VBMWMO (user name macfly here) and has many wide ranging interests, especially photography; but he also runs specialty websites for the HP2 (www.HP2.info) and the Z8 (www.bmwz8.us).

This area initially contains postings from the R90S.com forum. As such, there is a bit of overlap with other areas on our forum, but we hope to smooth this out as we move forward.

In addition, we will soon have specific R90S articles available -- just visit www.vintagebmw.org/v7/r90s for all your R90S specific interests. This will become the "landing page" for anyone who visits Andrew's www.r90s.com domain (as soon as we twiddle a few dials on the internet control panel).

We hope that our combined information and forums will attract a lot of R90S fans and create a home for this special BMW model!


VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

Bruce Frey
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Great addition! Bruce

Great addition!


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Great to be a part of the larger Vintage Group...

Though I do have mixed feelings about 1974 now being vintage!! Smile



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also agree , will be very

also agree , will be very usefull to help each other for us R90s owners.

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This will be better for the

This will be better for the eyes and ears to the fans of R90s owners and fans... Goodluck and cheers!!

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Good work Darryl

Thanks for your great work for us R90S owners world wide.

My best,

Mike Cecchini
Bethesda, Md.
1975 R90RS Silver Smoke

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