Friday, September 23, 2011

Andrew Macpherson, photographer extraordinaire and BMW enthusiast has today merged his website, into the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners (VBMWMO) club website. Visitors to will now find themselves arriving on a special page for this historic BMW model, and all of the content from the website is available in the VBMWMO's forum.

As the winning bike in the first AMA Superbike series in 1976 and at Daytona that year, the R90S has a racing pedigree that even today has not been topped. Our combined goals are to provide more R90S specific information, model history, stories and restoration information.

Titled The Incomparable R90S, the VBMWMO's new forum -- the first to be specifically dedicated to a single model -- provides a new location for aficionados of this special bike to meet, chat and exchange information. We hope that you will join us there!