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I have had this 1968 BMW R60US for over 5 years now and always have wondered about my air filter housing. I have never seen that housing before and wonder if anyone has any info on that. Thanks!!!

That air filter is definitely

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That air filter is definitely not BMW. The chroming of the other pieces and the black valve covers is a personal touch that also was not from BMW.

BTW...you should replace the rubber connectors from the air tube to the carb...with those cracks, the air filter is not really doing it's job.

Kurt in S.A.

Thanks for your reply, yes I

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Thanks for your reply, yes I know that the bike has been bastardized with purple paint and heads and valve covers painted in black. Therefore I am at the final stages of cosmetic restoration at this point.

My biggest concern is the air filter housing as I suspected it may be an aftermarket piece but need some detail on that if anyone has ever seen such piece. Thanks!!

JC Whitney?

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I dont really know but would bet its from an old replacement auto carb filter. BTW is there any filter under it? The chrome on it looks better than JC Whitney used to offer for hot rods but it is styled right. I say get a soda blaster on those heads and search eBay for a cleaner housing. Gotta love what WAS KOOL but is not now!

This is how the bike has

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This is how the bike has turned out:



Wow way to go. You

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Wow way to go. You definitely got it back much closer to how it was born! Looks nice.


I love it!

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You did right by that bike! The origional look is so right that almost no change is an improvement. Classic black is wonderful and though other colors existed this is the ONE!

YIKES! born again! great job

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YIKES! born again!

great job - how does it run and handle now?

your idle mixture screws in the first photos were very sad looking

thanks for the update

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Bike is doing as expected :)

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Bike runs and rides great. It did 600 miles so far w/o any problems.

I got the big tank refinished in original Black and awesome pinstripes and it sits and look pretty on the shelf so far. Will most likely use it for one of my R69S project in the future.........

Nice job on the refirb. The

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Nice job on the refirb. The air cleaner looks to belong to an old HD Bendix carb.

Yeah, that may have been just

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Yeah, that may have been just the case. The P.O. tried to look a Harley Rider on an old, classic BMW and that just do not go together well. I am happy I was able to give this bike its life back as a pure breed 1969 BMW R60US. Cheers!

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