New Book Available on the BMW "King Cam" Works Racers

Herborn, Germany

From shortly after their start of motorcycle production in 1923, BMW has been involved in racing. The machines used at this time were performance optimized and derived from the production vehicles.

The königswellen (OHC) machines of the 1930s and 1950s, however, were designed exclusively for racing.

Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering 2012

Quail Lodge, Carmel, CA

The Quail Lodge has just released information about the 2012 edition of their Motorcycle Gathering. To be held on their beautiful golf club grounds in Carmel, CA on Saturday, May 5th, the show will celebrate The Evolution of the Motorcycle and Indian will be the featured marque.

Veteranen Club Looking for RS Info

Herborn, Germany

The BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland e.V. is looking to gather photos, information, history and stories about the famed BMW type 253 rennsport machines. The 60th anniversary of the type 253 RS54 machines, from 1954, is rapidly approaching, and the Veteranen-Club is undertaking a project to put together detailed information about these fascinating but relatively obscure purpose built motorcycles. If you can help, they would like to hear from you.

Whitehorse Press to Reprint Bill Stermer's "BMW R100RS"


"BMW R100RS" by Bill Stermer, a timeless book in the Whitehorse Press Collector Series is
back in print by popular demand!

Days of ZAMM Ride - Follow Along!

07/01/2011 - 07/30/2011

This past winter, Ron Angert (VBMWMO #6949) had an idea, to ride his 1968 R60/2 across the country from his house in western Virginia to visit friends who are expecting a child in July. By mid January, the idea had turned into a plan, to ride out along the route that Robert Pirsig took in his book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which runs from St.

Chicago Vintage Racing Sets New Records!

05/13/2011 - 05/15/2011
Maxton, NC

Chicago Vintage Racing (Daniel May and Rebecca Berneck) traveled to the ECTA (East Coast Timing Association) May 2011 meet in Maxton, North Carolina on May 13-15, 2011, with a vision to beat the standing land speed record in the P/PV-250/4 motorcycle class set last October, in addition to setting a new record in the MPS/VG-250/4 class.

New BMW Model Information on our Website!


We have just introduced another feature to our website. It's called BMW Models, and consists of a small area on the left sidebar, just below all of the buttons, and above the featured photo from our Member Photo Galleries.

EPA announces waiver to allow 15% ethanol fuel


The US EPA announced that it would be allowing the sale of E15 fuel (15% ethanol/85% gasoline) for use in cars and light duty trucks beginning with Model Year (MY) 2007 and newer, and that they are investigating allowing E15 sales for cars and light trucks from MY 2001 and newer. The report on that may be issued next month. Motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles and off road engines are explicitly exempted from the waiver because of a lack of testing.

How does this affect older vehicles? What will this do to our ability to run our vintage bikes?

12/20/2010 Update: Automakers, Boatmakers and the Power Sports industry filed suit to prevent implementation of the waiver today.

BMW ICC Newsletter 3/10 Available


The Q3/2010 edition of the Newsletter from the BMW International Council of Clubs (ICC) is now available. This edition has reviews of a number of events, especially including one covering the BMW RA National Rally in Pownal, VT, where the VBMWMO participated by putting on the Vintage Display.

You can read a copy of the Newsletter for free by following this link.

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